The Casino Gardens

Place du Casino
98000 Monaco

The gardens of the Société des Bains de Mer are very closely linked to the development of a particular part of the Principality of Monaco: Monte-Carlo. The area took off in around 1893 when the Casino was established on Spélugues rock, which was previously parched and bare.

Designed by the renowned architect Edouard André, the main features of the “French-style” gardens are combined with landscaped valleys, waterfalls, streams and ponds, imbued with a highly distinctive exotic flavour. 

A little history...

Edouard André drew inspiration from fashionable theories about the French Riviera. The region was classed as a very hot area, where one could only live during winter. From December to March, local gardens were supposed to give the impression of blazing, tropical fauna, an eternal spring.
Opposite the Casino, stretching down a gentle slope, the Boulingrins (the word comes from “bowling greens”) are sunken and bordered by Washingtonia robusta and Brachychiton populneus, punctuated evenly by flowerbeds.

There are landscaped sections on each side of this garden. Edouard André made use of the natural slope here to create a stream with small waterfalls which terminates at its lowest point in a large pond.
Many of the details of the overall layout have been changed since it was created, but overall the garden has retained the exotic feel that Edouard André gave it by planting subtropical species. This section of the gardens is also known as “Little Africa”.

The space which, previously, had more of a decorative function, has now been redesigned to enable visitors to reach the centre of the garden by taking a walk past the ponds and heading down the terraces towards the Casino.

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