Monaco, an open-air museum

At the instigation of Prince Rainier III, the Principality of Monaco acquired a rich collection of artworks, and that cultural policy continues today under the reign of Prince Albert II. Sculpture occupies a special place in that cultural offering, with over 200 works to be found in the gardens, streets and squares of Monaco.

The different pieces trace the 20th century history of sculpture, and a stroll around the Principality takes in works by a host of artists, including: Bosio, Doré, Barye, Bourdelle, Roux, Renoir, Cogne, de Chirico, Léger, Moore, Calder, Vasarely, César, Pomodoro, Arman, Segal, Lalanne, Folon, Chadwick, Goldsworthy, Sosno, Ochoa, Kapoor, Valdès.

The works also offer an insight into the history of the Principality itself, with many being dedicated to the iconic Princes, personalities, events and places of Monaco.