Event - "11th Monaco Energy Boat Challenge"
From Monday 1 to Saturday 6 July 2024, Bay of Monaco
The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is the leading meeting for new technologies and alternative energy sources, part of the Y.C.M.'s priority ambition to shape the future of yachting. Created over ten years ago, the event brings together young engineers from schools and universities around the world, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with yachting industry stakeholders. In 2023, some 46 teams from 31 universities and 25 nations demonstrated the efficacy of their open source solutions.
From Monday 1 to Saturday 6 July 2024
Baie de Monaco
Environment - "Monaco Zero Cigarette Butts"
From 6 April to 13 October 2024, Principality of Monaco
As every summer, Monaco City Hall is joining forces with the Tourist and Convention Authority and Société Monégasque d’Assainissement, for a campaign aimed at raising awareness among residents and visitors about the need to keep our environment clean and stamp out pollution, especially in the form of cigarette butts. Throughout the summer season, the staff at the Tourist and Convention Authority will be handing our pocket ashtrays in various areas around the Principality. For information, a number of "MégotBoxes" (terminals for collecting and recycling cigarette butts) can be found outside City Hall.
From Saturday 6 April to Sunday 13 October 2024
Principality of Monaco