Will Barber Concert

Rock, blues & country concert by Will BarberSaturday 11 August 2018, at 8 pm Jardin Exotique

 Will Barber was born in Narbonne, into a family of local printers and writers.  He found his equilibrium in football and music.  Influenced by and with the support of his father, he learned the guitar.  At the age of 17, he formed his first group, playing "Californian punk," and then a second, oriented towards heavy metal.

Over the years, he wanted to pare back his music, and performed alone on stage with his guitar.  He fell under the charm of the Weissenborn guitar in particular, which was also played by Ben Harper.  He had his original instruments made, thus combining his love of music and wood.

With his Old School style inspired by Led Zep, B.B. King and Motown, he wants to cross continents, to play and share his music with the whole world.

He took part in The Voice 6 - a real challenge for Will.  With his own special musical world, focussed on country and blues, he wanted to challenge the opinion of professionals and hoped to convince the coaches with a cover of Pink Floyd's " Another Brick In The Wall. "  He was  a member of the Zazie team.