The "Kazakhstan Astana Ballet Gala" – a performance featuring classical, modern and traditional dance Friday 14 September and Saturday 15 September, at 8 pm Grimaldi Forum Monaco - Salle des Princes

The "Astana Ballet" theatre is presenting its show "Kazakhstan Astana Ballet Gala" featuring the fairy-tale "Heritage of the Great Steppe" as well as the neoclassical style one-act ballets "Love. Fear. Loss" and "A Fuego Lento."

"The Heritage of the Great Steppe" consists of traditional folk dances, the harmonious encounter between ethnographic knowledge and the works of contemporary choreographers, combining various artistic processes, in which the inimitable character of the national dance asserts itself.

Choreographer Ricardo Amarante's ballet "Love. Fear. Loss" revolves around three duets, each of which expresses a feeling that is indissolubly linked to the life of Edith Piaf.  This mini-show reflects the atmosphere of the singer's love and tragedy.

The sounds of the grand piano and the beauty of the dance movements fill the whole stage, as if repeating the motto of the great E. Piaf,  "Nothing should distract the audience."

Each number in the one-act ballet  "A Fuego Lento" (choreographer:  Ricardo Amarante) is a danced fantasy that is reminiscent of tango, in which emotion vies with virtuosity of technique and spectacular sequences of movements and silhouettes.  This ballet captures the fiery essence of the most sensual of dances, the tango.
Duration 1 hour 45 mins