Getaway with Friends

Take advantage of a few days among friends to share special moments unlike any you will ever experience elsewhere. 

Whether you want to sit at a table, discover Monaco by cycling through the streets or enjoy the pleasures of Nature along the ‘balconies overlooking the Mediterranean Sea’, the Principality will offer you unforgettable moments. 
Get a feel for the local nightlife by starting your evening at Port Hercule to sip craft beer at La Brasserie de Monaco. Then go to the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (****) ) to enjoy a signature cocktail by the Sea at the Blue Gin, along with finger food carefully concocted by Chef Marcel Ravin. To unwind in a unique venue, what better choice than the Buddha-Bar? Just a stone’s throw from the Casino, you can indulge in delicious cocktails while enjoying its relaxing lounge-bar atmosphere, on the terrace.
During the day, you can take a different tack to discover the Principality and roam the streets on  Monabike electric bicycles to explore the landmarks along the Formula 1 circuit: Sainte-Dévote curve, climb up Avenue d’Ostende, the hairpin turn or the famous tunnel! After all that effort, it’s time to relax at La Condamine market with its many colours and smells around local culinary specialities like the inevitable Barbajuan (local fritters). Then, spend the afternoon hiking around the towering Tête de Chien mountain to admire the sunset or discover Monaco from a boat on the Mediterranean Sea… 
To end this Monegasque getaway, you can choose from different atmospheres, as you like at the Novotel Monte Carlo (***)  in the city-centre, the Méridien Beach Plaza (****)  for its private swimming pool and beach or the iconic Monte-Carlo Beach (*****)  with its water sports. For more information, go to our partners’ websites to begin organising your stay in the Principality! 

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