New exhibition in Novotel

Jean-Louis Teyssie presents "Biodiversity at our feet" till october 22th

Jean-Louis  Teyssié practices in the laboratories of the environment of an international organisation based in Monaco. Radioecologist, communications manager, photographer, journalist, designer, aquatic investment manager, he is a self-taught man with a love of the water.

He travels up rivers and canyons from the South of France to photograph the expressions of life in centimetres of fresh water.

Every entity alive has had a role in the balance of the ecosystems in fresh water for millions of years. This importance has been threatened for hundreds of years by our industrial, domestic, and tourist activities.

The biodiversity at our feet is in danger.

If particles disappear from our waterfalls, the water from rivers will not be filtered anymore and clean tap water will become more expensive.

Jean Louis Teyssié displays an extract of his underwater photographic work. Better know biodiversity in the feet of our rivers; it is better to protect it.