The Grimaldi Forum Monaco will be Present at Monacology 2013

The GFM and the Prince Albert II Foundation show schoolchildren how to "go green"

From 10 to 14 June, the Grimaldi Forum is taking part in Monacology, a Monegasque awareness-raising week to educate children about the environment and sustainable development.

For five days, associations, public organisations and businesses will be telling children about environmental matters and sustainable development, as part of their school timetable.

The Grimaldi Forum has ISO 14001 certification and is keen to help protect the environment.  It therefore wanted to be involved, for the fourth time, in the annual Monacology event, in association with the Prince Albert II Foundation.  The Grimaldi Forum and the Prince Albert II Foundation have joined forces to offer a workshop on the theme of wood and combating deforestation, which aims to raise children's awareness of ways of protecting the forests.

By means of short activity sessions, children will be able to find out about everyday objects made of wood and its derivatives, such as paper and cardboard.  During the activity they will learn to decode labels and better understand various logos and labels (such as FSC and PEFC), to encourage them to behave in an eco-responsible way.

There will be two versions of the workshop:

- A workshop for younger children, focussing on games and learning about wood

- A workshop for older children, which will include time for discussion, while still being fun and amusing.

From 10 to 14 June 2013 
from 8.30 am to 5 pm
Port of Monaco 

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