Singles Quiz at the Stardeck Monaco

The Stars'N'Bars is launching fun singles evenings. The first one will take place on 6 February 2014

To make singles evenings more fun and less formal than the usual "speed dating," the Stars’N’Bars is organising a monthly "Singles Only Quiz" at the Stardeck, which has a panoramic view of the Port of Monaco.

Participants must be aged between 30 and 55.

Booking for the quiz is made in advance and participants will be assigned to mixed teams of around six people.  They will answer 20 general knowledge questions (on sport, music and current events), projected onto large screens in both English and French.

Each team must work together to answer the questions.  A prize will be awarded to the team with the most correct answers.

The idea of this quiz is to help "charming people to meet other charming people," while being completely different from the usual type of singles evenings.

This is an opportunity to meet and have fun with new people with the same interests, with no need for any particular commitment or expectations.

Booking in advance on the web site: