Exhibition on the theme of "Shanyrak" with Edouard Kazarian, Goulfairous Ismailova, Marat Bekeyev and Andrej NodaFrom Monday 16 December to Friday 10 January, from 2 pm to 6 pm (from Tuesday to Friday)
30 Dec

The Carré Doré Gallery at Monte-Carlo presents Shanyrak

The "Voute Celeste" exhibition will take place till 10 Janvuary 2014

Everyone who dreads preconceived ideas, blind submission to fashion and the search for originality at all costs will be captivated by this exhibition.

The chosen theme and its emblem, the “shanyrak” of the terrestrial yurt and the celestial vault, symbolize at one and the same time the family home and openness to
the universe, thus illuminating the richness and depth of these, at times, unexpected artistic exchanges.

The works exhibited here harmonise ancient and modern inspirations, bring together Eastern and Western cultures and various traditions, dissociate the notions of age and number of years, and bring male and female natures into unison.

Each of the four artists has a different approach, his or her own specific way of being in perfect symbiosis with both the theme of the exhibition and the overall context of the “Building bridges between East and West” programme.

Artists :
Goulfairous ISMAÏLOVA
Andrey NODA

More info : www.carredor-monaco.com