Why Won't Snow-White Wake Up?

Théâtre Princesse Grace
12, avenue d'Ostende
98000 Monaco
Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2019, um 15 Uhr
Show for a Young Audience: "Pourquoi Blanche-Neige ne se réveille pas ?" ("Why Won't Snow-White Wake Up?") with Caroline Borderieux, Pauline Prevost and Quentin MorillèreWednesday 18 December 2019, at 3 pm Théâtre Princesse Grace

Disaster in fairytale land! The dwarves, Atessoué and Eduquenat, find a message from the Prince come to awaken Snow-White: "I can't wake her up, no matter how I try! My kisses don't work, my lips are chapped, I'm heading home to the Castle!". They suddenly realise that the Little Mermaid has not returned to the surface, that Pinocchio is waiting for the Blue Fairy, lose in the weird and foul clouds, and that their brother Ravi has turned into a giant. The problem seems to be the fertiliser that the witch bought from a mysterious figure known as  TOUTESFINI.
With this comic environmental fable,  Fanny Roche aims to help children understand ecological issues, and subtly highlights the problems of the runaway capitalism that is upsetting the balance of the planet's climate. 

Practical information
Company: Le vent se lève et il faut vivre
Playwright: Fanny Roche
Directors: Emilie Letoffe and Amandine Rousseau
Music: Kimrise
Cast: Caroline Borderieux, Pauline Prevost and Quentin Morillère

From 5 yrs

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Photo credits: Fabienne Rappeneau